Vista Adoption Numbers

As a result of a posting by Thomas Lee on a way to get some sort of measure of Vista adoption, Craig Murphy highlighted the OS section from his visitor stats.

It’s not really a stat I particularly look at for my site, but just out of interest I dug out the table for the last thirty days and produced this pie chart of the results.


Aside from the overwhelming numbers of XP visitors there are some other interesting things to note.

Firstly I’m getting more PowerPC Mac users than Intel based, not surprising when you consider that most Mac users tend to keep their Mac for a long while before upgrading – certainly something to bear in mind when developing for the Mac.

Secondly there are quite a few people using older versions of Windows including quite a few on Windows 2000, a few still on Windows 98, and even three visitors who are using Windows NT. On that subject the browser stats make interesting reading too – an almost equal split between users on IE6 and IE7…

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