A Conversation

So as a Churchwarden, I tend to have a pretty packed diary – indeed my reply earlier in the week when someone at work asked if I had a free week to visit a customer in the US before Christmas was to laugh…

So at 10:25am, my phone rings.

Beth: Hi, do you want to go along to the school Christmas production this year – it’s Grease?
Me: Yeah, when is it?
Beth pauses and says: In a couple of weeks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday…
Me: Well there are six weekends before Christmas, is it the 23rd/24th November – that’s a couple of weeks time?
Beth: No, I think it’s in December…
Me: Any idea when, so I can see whether I’m free…
Beth: Hold on, I’ll go see if I can find a poster…
Phone gets put down and the merry sounds of playtime can be heard in the background.
Beth: Can’t find one, might be 14th/15th December, is that okay?
Richard: Yes can do that weekend.
Beth: You want to come?
Richard: Okay.
Beth: Okay, I’ll reserve tickets for us.

So anyway, assuming the date is right (14th/15th doesn’t clash with anything) I’m off to see the school production of Grease. Hopefully the dates are right as it would be a shame to miss it – on the basis of previous productions I’ve been to at the school it should be pretty good.

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