A PARKING Violation!

There are times when a satnav that I could easily download the track logs from.

Having received a mysterious bill relating to our car rental in Switzerland in the summer I queried it with Hertz Customer Relations in the UK. Today I got a reply from them, going through the expected spiel about the renter being liable for all offences committed during the rental period, but then with a bit more detail about the offence. The e-mail said the following:

I can however, advise you that the fine issued was in relation to a parking violation which occured at 16:37 on the 4th of August.

What is worth bearing in mind is that we picked the car up from the rental company car park, and then went from there onto the motorway and over the border – we didn’t actually park the car anywhere at all in Switzerland – so something weird is certainly going on.

I don’t know whether somebody has cloned the car registration plate or some parking attendant has incorrectly written down a registration plate, or there has been some other error, but it wasn’t us. Now if only we had the GPS logs we could prove that we were moving all the time…

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