“Excuse me, have you seen a Blowfish driving a sports car?”

There have been a couple of sequences from the first episode of the new series of Torchwood, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, floating around the internet, which do seem to show the changes to the programme for the new series, and perhaps much more of a humorous spin than we’ve been used to. Obviously there are going to be spoilers watching the clips – the second one especially, so be warned before you hit play!

The first clip is the opening sequence, featuring the whole team and a Blowfish in a sports car…

The second clip comes from later on in the episode, and features the main guest star for the episode, James Marsters, and be warned again, a bit of a spoiler…

For those in the UK, the full episode can be seen this coming Wednesday, January 16th, at 9pm on BBC2. It looks like those wanting the pre-watershed repeat will have to wait a whole week, although apparently the usual slot for those will be 7pm on the day after the full version, also on BBC2.

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