The Corrs – All The Way Home

So tonight I finally got around to watching at least part of one of my Christmas presents, The Corrs – All The Way Home / The Story Of The Corrs which is a two DVD set pairing a pretty extensive documentary covering the story of the band, along with one of their last concerts in Geneva in 2005 – significant in that it marked the return of Caroline – at least for part of the gig – following time out to have a baby.

Tonight I watched the documentary – the concert will be saved for a time when the neighbours are out as it really needs the surround sound speakers turned on for the full effect.

I would say that The Corrs are probably the band I’ve been a biggest fan of in my fairly eclectic music tastes – certainly I’ve probably got most of the stuff they’ve released in the UK, and a couple of rarities on import to. Having said that, even I stopped buying CD’s when it got to the multiple greatest hits albums with even more obscure remixes as the record company tried to squeeze money out of a band that weren’t recording any more. They’re also the band I’ve seen most live, from the first time as a support act, where all you could see of Caroline was a pony tail bobbing up and down behind the drum kit, through their major UK tours where I managed to see them at Wembley Arena and also in Birmingham. Ironically the point where their activity started to shift away from performing coincided with the point where I started to lose interest with pop music, hence why I only got the DVD this Christmas!

Anyway, the documentary really was extensive, starting right from the beginning with the Corrs as children, covering their involvement with The Commitments, then their early success in Ireland and Australia, and lack of success in the UK. From there we get their big break UK wise with the Royal Albert Hall Concert on St Patrick’s Day 1998, and then their mainstream success worldwide, leading on to the point where Sharon and Caroline get married, and the band starts to take a back seat to their families. The documentary was made a little before the official decision to go on hiatus that came in 2006, but it’s pretty obvious from the interviews in the documentary that this is the way it is going, with comments that the 2005 tour was probably the last. Having said that, we’ve seen Take That and the Spice Girls return, so who knows whether we’ll see the Corrs back again in the future. Whether or not they do, the music still remains eminently listenable – suffice to say that all their albums are on my iPod…

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