A Sad Bit of News

Luther's Legs Fail Him (Again)

A sad little bit of news today from my parents. This morning they had to have Luther, one of their two Red Burmese cats put down. Considering that back in 1992, Luther who was the runt of the litter wasn’t expected to survive into adulthood, and indeed never grew to full size, he’s had a good long life at fifteen years.

He’s been going steadily downhill for the past few months, and has been suffering with his teeth to the point that he hasn’t been eating much, and only usually when someone is there to feed him, so Mum and Dad have ended up hand feeding him four times a day for the past few months. Eventually yesterday he was barely moving and rather than see his quality of life deteriorate any more they took the decision to take him along to the vets this morning and have him put to sleep.

The picture on this page shows how Luther usually greeted visitors to the house, by flopping over and expecting attention, he also liked sitting on your left shoulder – and note, only the left shoulder – being on the right would generally produce a lot of fidgeting to get over onto the correct side! Like most Burmese he was very sociable, and also could be very vocal at times. He also in younger times would quite happily play fetch and retrieve games – something again that Burmese are known for doing.

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