How Complicated Can It Be?

When I got the schedule change e-mail yesterday it didn’t seem like too much of a problem.

Options seemed to be to go for a different routing on the flights and come home on the original day, or alternatively just take the extra day. So I went home and talked to Beth, and with the options of a reroute via Calgary or Toronto, both of which would add to the cost of the trip without much benefit – we decided that the extra day would be nice, the only problem was that the car hire booking, that we did as part of the deal with the travel agents for the flights, had us returning the car on our original return day, so needed to be extended.

I phoned up Opodo, got through pretty much immediately, and the agent on the other end tried to change the reservation. Unfortunately the system wouldn’t let her make the change. Her suggestion was to try Hertz directly.

Calling Hertz I got bounced between three people, the last of whom explained that they couldn’t make the changes to the reservation as it had not been paid for on my credit card – the payment had come through from an Opodo account, so only they could authorise the payment.

Okay – back on the phone to Opodo, and we went through the whole can’t make changes to the booking routine again. Eventually their only suggestion was to make the change when we arrive in Edmonton.

Thinking about it, probably the best thing, as it seems to be so complicated to extend the booking would just be to head back up to Edmonton on the Thursday and be done with it – drop the car off and then stay in a hotel near to the airport and take in a few of the sights in Edmonton on the Friday. Aside from the West Edmonton Mall (which was sort of where Beth and I went on our first date) I’ve not seen much of the city…

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