The Ultimate Hidden TV?


So there I was, sat in the opticians while Beth had her test flicking through Grand Designs magazine, and I came across an advert for a company called Mirror Media – probably just the kind of advert I’d skip over had I not been sat in a waiting room.

Anyway, on the Grand Designs TV show a couple of weeks ago they’d had a couple building a Addams Family style Gothic house, which in the living room had a grand fireplace with a mirror hung above, and then much to Kevin McCloud’s obvious disgust, a whopping great flat screen TV hung on the wall alongside – totally messing up the look of the room in his opinion. What Mirror Media are producing is something for those people, and all the other people who really don’t want a high-tech TV in their tasteful room, a TV that looks exactly like a mirror when it is turned off. They even do a bathroom version in case you want to watch the news whilst brushing your teeth, or sit and watch a movie in the bath.

Obviously it’s the kind of thing that would have to be seen in real life – my thought is that the mirror effect will have some effect on the detail and clarity of the picture. I’m also sure you pay a hefty premium for the mirror effect and frame too (they don’t mention prices on the site which always implies it will be expensive) so this is definitely something for those people with a lot of spare money floating around – still a clever idea though.

One thought on “The Ultimate Hidden TV?”

  1. That’s a really good solution! The solution is really useful when you want to conceal your television, because you might want a tidy room etc.

    I got one from and I am really pleased with it! They do a great job.

    Good stuff mate!

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