The Choir – Boys Do Sing


So perhaps rather as expected, last night the second series of The Choir concluded with Gareth triumphantly leading his choir to sing on stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Having said that, there were differences between the conclusion here and what happened at the end of the first series. Watching the retrospective of the first series a few weeks ago it was apparent that once Gareth had gone, the choir had disbanded. Members were carrying on singing, but the school hadn’t continued.

This time around there was explicit focus on getting a music culture into the school, so we saw a gathering of the school governors where pupils described there experiences. In this weeks and last weeks episode the headmaster of the school featured much more prominently, indeed even taking part in the audition process for soloists, and attending the final performance. Also right the way through the programme the head of Music has been featured, and she too had her own big moment as Gareth asked her to conduct for part of the final performance – where she looked as nervous as the people in the choir.

Time will tell I guess, but I am certainly looking forward to an equivalent retrospective and to see where music has gone within the Lancaster School following the work done by Gareth in the programme.

As an example of how far they have come in nine months, here is a YouTube clip of their final performance. Remember this school had no choir at all nine months before this was filmed…

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