iPhone/iPod Touch API Wow Factor?

In the totally unscientific Beth test, the upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch SDK certainly seems to have the wow factor. Yesterday I was watching the video of the SDK launch event, Beth came in whilst they were going through demonstrations of some of the applications developed using the SDK, and some of the ideas using the accelerometer, such as the shake to clear the picture application, or tipping the phone in order to move a character in a game certainly seemed to go down well…

One thought on “iPhone/iPod Touch API Wow Factor?”

  1. When Google announced and released the Android API I was mildly excited, and promptly downloaded it to try it out. While it seemed nice enough it just didn’t excite me all that much. Enter “Cocoa Touch”. Wow indeed! I don’t own a Mac (darnit) but if there’s ever been a reason to buy one, I think I just found it. 🙂 The API looks awesome, the store integration, 3D acceleration… awesome stuff.

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