Taking a Tumble

Probably to a general chorus of ‘Oh no, not another thing!’ I’m giving a Tumblelog a try. The wikipedia entry explains the concept pretty well – it is essentially a short-form blog, so the posts will be a mixture of links, pictures, quotes and short text rather than the long-form stuff that I post here.

As a concept it does overlap somewhat with things like the aside posts that I have on here, and my link blog which links to articles I’ve found interesting that have come up in my Google Reader feeds. The difference is that the Tumblelog brings in various other forms, and is useful for linking to items that aren’t in Google Reader where I’ve previously had to fiddle around with to link to.

The Tumblelog can be found at http://tumblr.peat.me.uk, and is also added as a sidebar item to the main page of this site, and comes complete with it’s own RSS feed.

However by far the easiest way to keep up with all the different sites I use is to head over to FriendFeed or Plaxo Pulse, both of which are combining all the various feeds from blogs, link blogs, tumblelogs, pictures and so on into one. You can find my FriendFeed at http://friendfeed.com/rtpeat.

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