Who Will Host Formula One?

In amongst the great news that Formula 1 is returning to the BBC – no more ad breaks mid-race – and some interesting discussion as to why the broadcaster is changing mid-contract – is another discussion about who will host the programme. Steve Rider, who hosted the programme for the BBC previously, has only fairly recently moved to ITV, ironically to front the programme for ITV, and isn’t expected to move back – but the Off The Telly blog has an interesting suggestion – how about Richard Hammond?

One thought on “Who Will Host Formula One?”

  1. I’ve got to say that I really like the ITV coverage of F1, it definitely beats SpeedTV. I’ve never watched any BBC coverage of F1, so I hope it lives up to the standard that I’ve come to expect with ITV. With that said, a big thing for me is how unreasonably biased the ITV coverage is towards Hamilton and British drivers in general. When Scott Speed (American) started in F1, SpeedTV (American) covered him only slightly more that other drivers, but certainly didn’t devote entire race broadcasts to just him. When I was watching the ITV coverage last year, not only did ITV only ever talk about British drivers, but I wasn’t even aware that Scott Speed was booted from Red Bull until 1 race later. They never gave it a mention, and that bothers me. If the BBC can keep the high quality standards of ITV… AND talk about drivers from other countries I think it will be a winning combination. For this season I have decided to watch the SpeedTV coverage, because I honestly got sick of Lewis-mania. Yes, he’s a brilliant driver. Yes, he is my #2 pick for favourite driver (next to Kimi). But come on ITV, there are other drivers on the grid.

    To the next point (wow, what a ranty comment) I love Top Gear, and Hammond is great, but I really can’t seem him covering F1 in a proper way. I’m not sure what that means, but I just can’t imagine listening to him trying to crack jokes through the entire broadcast. 🙂

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