The Joys of Planning

So this morning we got confirmation that our application to “erect a garden shed for purposes ancillary to dwellingâ€? had been received. If at this point you are puzzled by why we need planning permission for a garden shed, according to the duty planning officer it’s because by virtue of the fact we back onto a road rather than other houses we fall foul of the planning rules designed to stop people putting buildings in their front gardens – the shed is closer to the road across the end of the garden than the house. As a result, before we can get to shed heaven like Ian we have to get planning permission. About the only place we’d be able to put up a shed without asking planning permission is in the narrow strip of land beside the house. Having said that, the duty planning officer did suggest it should be passed pretty easily. Famous last words? Hope not…

3 thoughts on “The Joys of Planning”

  1. Richard, delighted to be cited in your pursuit of a shed 🙂 If you need any advice *laughing* on the merits of different sheds then give me a shout!

  2. Ah, having to put in a planning application means that we’ve had to get accurate plans drawn up already. Is somewhat more than your average shed though…

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