Not that much time for a full review as I’m still playing catch-up after our holiday, but one of the things I set up to record whilst we were away was Chuck, a light-hearted series about a computer geek who inadvertently becomes hot property with the NSA and CIA when an e-mail from an ex-college roommate puts the entire contents of a government supercomputer into his head, that started on Virgin 1 whilst we were away.

The show got generally good reviews, so we thought we’d take a look. Certainly the first episode was good, and was enough that we watched the second episode straight after. The set-up of both Chuck and the agents sent to watch over him leading bizarre double lives provides jokes both with the agents trying to cope working in normal jobs, and with Chuck getting caught up in spy sequences. The show is also liberally sprinkled with references to other shows, computer games and the like – including amongst others a reference to Oceanic Flight 815 – and also includes Adam Baldwin who will be very familiar to fans of Firefly.

The show certainly had a better start that some of the other genre shows that have turned up this year – although we also have Pushing Daisies to watch which was another show that escaped the axe. It also apparently doesn’t take a nose dive after the first few episodes, so hopefully it should provide some good viewing for a while to come.

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