Locked In

We’ve had a load of notices go up on all the doors in the building today warning everybody to carry their electronic key fobs with them. Apparently last night someone was working late and decided to leave the building by going down the stairs rather than taking the lift – going via the lift all the doors have a button to push to open them.

Via the stairs you can’t get into the foyer, as I discovered on my first day when I thought I’d get some exercise by using the stairs instead of the lift. Every door off the stair well requires a key fob, aside from the door at the bottom which is an automatic fire door into the car park which can only be opened by smashing the glass, and doing so sets off the fire alarms when it is open.

To give the guy his dues he did wait around in the stair well for a couple of hours in the hope someone would appear, but ultimately he did end up breaking the glass and opening the fire door at the bottom setting off the alarm and summoning the fire brigade. The really amusing thing of the whole story is that when he got out he discovered that his car was locked in the car park – and managed to persuade the fire brigade to use their bolt cutters to open the gate and let him take his car out!

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