Doctor Who Mid-Season Preview

After the general despondency induced by a whole load of depressing Eurovision voting, there was the main event of the evening (to some people), the Doctor Who mid-season preview, the now traditional special trailer we get to make up for the fact that the programme has been bumped for a week.

First off, no secret of the fact that Rose is definitely coming back, although this is definitely more of a tough gun wielding Rose than before, and the Doctor seems happy she’s there. In terms of other rumoured returning companions there is no sight of Captain Jack or Sarah-Jane Smith.

In terms of plot give-aways, we’re certainly going to have to contend with a generation of kids with an irrational fear of the dark after next week I’m sure – but darkness also seems to figure elsewhere, with stars apparently disappearing in the night sky. Rose refers to a darkness coming from across the stars at one point too. We also get a lot of quick fire clips of explosions, what looks like a fire in the TARDIS, and also the Doctor apparently swimming through the time vortex.

It is also pretty clear from the trailer that the Daleks are back in force, so my guess would be that they are turning up in the finale. You also get a pretty good hint that Davros is going to return, as the trailer includes something that looks very much like an updated version of the character moving out of shadow, but which of course cuts before you get a clear sight.

Much as with all good trailers, it dangles a whole load of stuff in front of you, without really giving that much away…

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