A Taste of Taizé

The Church at Taizé by RTPeat, on FlickrI was actually on iTunes trying to find if the Church of England were repeating their podcasting of the General Synod again – unfortunately not, they seem to have decided that making the proceedings available for download in a PC only format is better this year, hard luck for those of us using Mac’s!

Anyway, what I did find was that new for 2008, the Taizé Community have started a couple of podcasts. The first is their own, which is called Prayer from the Taizé Community, and is a ten minute weekly extract from one of their services. For those who are aware of the usual structure of their services it picks up from the Alleluia/Psalm, includes the reading in multiple languages, and then includes a couple more songs and prayers. If you want something a bit more for your Taizé fix, Domradio, a Catholic radio station in Cologne is retransmitting a complete recording of the Saturday evening service, which is also available on iTunes (although not surprisingly labelled in German).

In both cases the podcasts are a fairly good representation of a service at Taizé, so if you’re either thinking about joining a trip in the coming months, or perhaps want a little reminder, they are a great way to get a taster of the whole experience.

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  1. Thanks for flagging these up – always good to have something different to fill the iPod up with. Plus this could be a good restful listen for the evening train as a change from listening again to the wonderful John Rutter/Cambridge Singers CD ‘Lighten our Darkness – music for the close of day’ [a near perfect CD the only fault with which is that the recording of Compline is not quite in the same order as the service book and hence the version I can just about sing from memory].

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