Rip-Off Britain? Not With The iPhone 3G

One of the favourite descriptions of the UK, especially amongst it’s inhabitants, is Rip-Off Britain, indeed there is even an entire website devoted to the subject. Whilst there are loads of things that cost more in this country, hence why we quite often go shopping when we visit Canada, it is not everything that is cheaper abroad.

Thanks to the massive competition in our domestic mobile phone market, the deal we are being offered on the 3G iPhone seems to be one of the best around, indeed it seems positively generous compared to the deals in in Canada where there is no competition at all in the market, and New Zealand where there are only two players.

In the UK, on the higher cost plans we’re getting the phone for free, down in New Zealand users of every plan have to cough up for the phone. Both the operators in Canada and New Zealand are applying hard limits to data – over here we have unlimited data usage.

Not surprisingly it doesn’t take much to find potential purchasers in the two countries who are less than happy. About the only complaint I’ve heard over here is that users are tied to O2

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  1. Whilst New Zealand has many great aspects to it, our telecommunications costs are not one of them. The feedback we’ve had via the mothership forums, the blog, and email has been overwhelming. The emails ranged from quiet disbelief to moral outrage in their tone.

    The interesting thing is that Vodafone are now practising the very same monopolistic behaviours they accused (ex govt-owned) market incumbent Telecom of for many years.

    Here in New Zealand Vodafone were once seen as market leaders on many fronts, but this has since gone by the wayside. It seems that the human condition known as greed is simply too strong.

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