Another 24 Hours of Flickr

You might remember last year I participated in a project being run by Flickr, the site that hosts my pictures online, where they attempted to capture the flavour of a day around the world. On that particular day, 5th May, 2007, we were attending a wedding, and my picture of the bride and groom was picked for the book.

This time around, the chosen day is the 8th of August – 8.8.8 – hence the project group is called Flickr 888. The basic rules of the project are the same, grab your cameras and take as many pictures as you like on the day, and then submit one to the group.

Points to note are that rather than a book, they are partnering with MOO to produce a set of postcards. That does mean that there is a minimum resolution for pictures of 1795×1287 – so no iPhone pictures folks. 🙁

Whilst I suspect my chances of making the final cut this time around is unlikely – next Friday is a normal day at work for me – I’ll still be taking my camera along and seeing what I can photograph.

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