Forty Years of Dad’s Army

This weekend, as well as being my parents fortieth wedding anniversary, it is also the fortieth anniversary of classic comedy Dad’s Army – ironic since my Dad has pretty well every episode of the series on DVD.

As part of the celebrations, the BBC has published a lot of archive material relating to the show. Most interesting amongst those are the documents, including some hand-written letters from the cast. The collection includes a fascinating internal discussion over the titles where the controller of BBC1 demanded changes to the original montage resulting in the now familiar titles we know and love.

By way of a little tribute, here is a montage that includes perhaps the best known scene of the entire series…

One thought on “Forty Years of Dad’s Army”

  1. I love this show. It’s been so long since I’ve watched it, but a friend of mine has nearly every episode on VHS – it’s always a blast to bust them out and have a good laugh.

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