Looking for a Lawyer?

New kids on the block Cuil might poor scorn on their algorithms, but the way Google floats popular pages up the rankings can still tell you a lot. For example, say you were looking for Texas Attorney Mark Brewer, the fact that, at this point in time, there are six references to his dealings with Dave Walker and the SPCK above his own page gives a pretty strong message…

One thought on “Looking for a Lawyer?”

  1. Thanks for the link. Using Cuil, I found someone — NOT ME — selling MY t-shirts, from a cafe-press account that I have not touched in nearly ten years.


    The internet is a crazy place.

    Looked up “Exigency in Specie” on Cuil. Didn’t find any good web sites on the first page of search results. :0) Don’t they know who their best memes are?

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