Is That Legitimate Work?

Hmmm, that looks like a Nintendo Wii hooked up to one of our projectors…

Yes, that’s exactly what it is, and yes we did have Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games playing on it too, but it was all in a good cause.

One of the groups of users that one of my colleagues works with are also responsible for organising the Christmas party, and earlier in the year they had the idea that they could liven up the event by having a couple of Nintendo Wii consoles set up. When they spoke to the events company, they said that this was okay, but said that the company would need to rent, from them, a couple of large LCD screens to display the picture. The rather eye-watering cost for the rental ran into the thousands.

Now my colleague, during a couple of mornings working with the users overheard these discussions and disagreed, saying that the console would work fine with just one of the projectors that our company owns anyway for giving presentations. The events company of course disagree, and went so far as to tell us that the Nintendo Wii wouldn’t work at all with a normal projector, and that it needed the expensive LCD TV’s they were going to rent to us. On further questioning the technobabble came down to it being because people would have to stand between the projector and the screen.

So to prove that they were wrong, my colleague brought in his Nintendo Wii today, and we hooked it up to one of the company projectors, and set it up in our office. We then invited up the Christmas party team who spent about half an hour playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, perfectly happy with the picture from the projector, and no problems at all…

Score one for us against salesmen attempting to persuade people to shell out excessive amounts of money unnecessarily by using a whole load of technobabble.

One thought on “Is That Legitimate Work?”

  1. As a youth worker that TOTALLY looks like work!!

    We certainly used a Wii with a projector. The only issues are
    – the censor bar because you have to set it to being below the screen not above
    – people getting in the way of the projection so rear project if you can.

    Have a good Christmas party! Nice forward planning!

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