Lucy’s First Birthday

So today Lucy reached the milestone of her first birthday. She has definitely developed her own little personality over that year, and is pretty clear what she does and doesn’t like (although that does seem to change from day to day). For example yesterday she seemed to have decided that she didn’t like peas – so any bits of pasta that had attached peas were carefully removed from her tray, and individual peas either tossed overboard, or put back into the bowl!

Tonight though we had chicken which went down well, in her case accompanied by crackers since we were having peas again. Then followed birthday cake and ice cream.

She had never had cake before, and her last encounter with ice cream was back in the summer when she didn’t like the cold, so she was a little careful trying them initially, but I think we can safely say she liked it as she munched through everything.

I’ve been playing around with Animoto recently – an online tool for putting pictures together into slideshows, so I’ve put the pictures from Lucy’s dinner together on that. If you want a more conventional view, the original pictures are over on Flickr.

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