Bargain or White Elephant?

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to create a bootable clone of the MacBook hard drive as additional security in case of drive failure, so in order to do that I needed to grab a new external hard drive. Whilst I do have space on other drives, one of the key requirements is to reformat the drive to MacOS Extended (Journaled), the same as the internal drive, in order to produce the clone. Doing that means the drive is no longer useful for swapping files from Mac to PC and back.

Anyway, I’ve previously bought a Samsung S2 USB 2.0 Drive for copying video sequences from the DVR attached to the CCTV system at Church, and really happy with the performance of the drive I thought I’d go for one of those again.

The drives are available in a variety of capacities and colours, however whenever you search Amazon for the Samsung S2, this is what comes up first – the Samsung S2 500GB Portable USB 2.0 Hard Drive With Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Full Length Movie Pre-loaded – Limited Edition. Alongside their regular colours Samsung have produced a number of special editions when they load a movie onto part of the drive, however whilst you have to search quite hard for the others this one keeps coming up at the top of searches, and did so several months ago when I bought the previous drive. The other interesting thing to note is that although it is a 500Gb drive, it is retailing for less than the 320Gb drive – the only difference between that and the regular drive is having about 1.17Gb of space given over to the movie, and the design.

So is this a bargain or a white elephant that is proving difficult to sell? If you’re a Michael Jackson fan it could be a great purchase, although I’d expect you’d either have the Blu-ray or DVD versions of the movie. If you’re not a fan, you could just buy the drive delete the movie and use it, but the interesting thing is that people don’t seem to be doing that, myself included.

I bought a White 500Gb drive first time around, and a Red 320Gb this time – I guess maybe I’m a little influenced by not wanting to go through an explanation every time I pull the drive out, and since the movie is apparently encoded in a Windows Media file that would need converting to watch on a Mac anyway, plus the other colours were on next day delivery and this one isn’t, and in both cases I needed the drives relatively quickly, hence I passed.

However, if you’re wanting a bargain, I can certainly recommend the S2 drives, they are pretty sturdy plastic, with a leather(ish) pouch and a short USB cable – so everything you need – and if you want a bit of a bargain, or are a Jackson fan then the Michael Jackson Special Edition is for you!

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