What’s Going On With The Site?

You might have noticed a few changes around here. Aside from the theme change, you’ll see that the site URL has lost it’s “www”, and you may well have noticed the entire site vanish entirely for a few hours a couple of weeks back.

Basically with the arrival of Sam, I’ve been keeping an eye on the finances, and thought that I should try and at least cover the hosting costs for our various sites. As a result I have been reading ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income along with the associated blog looking for tips on how to earn a little bit of money – the book is quite clear that most people don’t earn vast amounts from their blogs, but covering the hosting would be just fine!

One of the key points that the book drums home is that blogging in niches is better for building traffic and audience than the rather eclectic mix I’ve had up to now. With the arrival of WordPress 3.0 which unites the multi-blog and single blog versions of WordPress it’s now possible to switch across and host multiple blogs without too much problem, which is what I have done.

The family news/general type stuff, and anything that doesn’t fit into any other category will remain here, but I have now added Soap Box for all my opinion type stuff, Picture Book to highlight some of my photographs and Pomum Sermo for Apple related stuff. In the future there will probably be others, most likely for anything Church related once the Anglican Communion start taking chunks out of each other again, and maybe a programming related blog. Beth is also looking at hosting her blogs Et Uxor and Displaced Moose as child sites here as she can do some of the things she hasn’t been able to do on a hosted platform. I’ve also added some hopefully not too intrusive advertising bars showing Google Adsense adverts, Amazon links and iTunes affiliate links, which I hope will gain a few clicks to help cover the hosting costs. There is also an Amazon search box in several places which gives us credit if you use that to search rather than going direct to Amazon – any clicks and searches much appreciated.

So hopefully normal service will continue, indeed I’ve actually written rather more posts than I have of late to get the new blogs going, and if you’re interested in the subject areas of the niche blogs, please point your browser/RSS reader to the new sites!

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