Calling All Zingzilla Fans

Sat watching Zingzillas this morning, a show that Lucy really enjoys on CBeebies, Beth again wondered out loud whether they were going to release any music from the series, as it does seem pretty popular, and we know a number of children aside from our own who like the songs.

So as I do, I did a search and by a strange coincidence they do! As of today an EP with two songs from the series – Do You Didgeridoo? and Bhangra Beat – and the Zingzillas Theme Tune was released and is available from Amazon and other online music stores with a Zingzillas DVD available in time for Christmas. Suffice to say that the MP3’s are already downloaded and I’m sure someone will be getting a copy of the DVD in their stocking come Christmas!

Note, although you could buy it elsewhere, if you buy from the links below, Amazon make a little contribution towards paying our hosting costs for this site.

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