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Throat 1I’m just back from a follow up visit to my ENT specialist at the hospital having a check up and getting the results of the biopsy they took during my microlaryngoscopy.

The good news is that the biopsy came up all clear, i.e. benign and not cancerous. He’s also happy that the inflammation is continuing to go down so although I’m still refluxing stuff it’s not the acid that was causing the damage. Next on the agenda is some sessions with a speech therapist as I still get discomfort from my throat when I try to sing so I suspect I’m going to need to work back up to what I was doing before. As before he used an endoscope to check out the state of my throat, and since the speech therapist will need to see what is going on in my throat he took two pictures and gave me a copy, so what you can see here is one of two shots taken during the session. It’s worth noting that the original shots look a lot more pink than what the scanner has produced.

What is interesting is having asked me to sing a note whilst he was looking at my throat he said that I have an asymmetrical voice box – not uncommon apparently. Looking at the picture, front is at the bottom of the picture so the left side of my voice box is on the right of the picture and the right is on the left. Anyway, you can pretty clearly see my right vocal fold, but the left hand one is slightly hidden. When I sang a note the right side apparently moved a lot more than the left with the left remaining largely hidden. Now of course they can’t say whether it was like that before all this started, or whether it’s always been like that, but I guess we’ll find out when I start seeing the speech therapist next year. Aside from that I’m still on the Lansoprazole, although once things settle down that will be tapered down to the 15mg dose and then hopefully to none, but that will be under the care of my GP rather than keeping needing to go back to the hospital.

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