8 thoughts on “Juicy Lemon Cards, you might want to check the difference between your and you’re…”

  1. My husband received this card on his retirement on the 5th June. I couldn’t believe it had been passed or sale!

  2. We bought the same card for a lady retiring at our work place – it is really bad that these are printed with such an obvious grammatical error

  3. I received the same card on my retirement – so many people commented on the error quite unbelievable really

  4. Five years later these cards are still on sale with the same glaring grammatical error. I was presented with this card on my retirement only two weeks ago.

  5. And my colleagues were circulating the same card today to celebrate a colleague’s retirement.
    Surely Juicy Lemon could, at least, come out and label it a sales gimmick!

  6. Late December 2018 and still the same stupid mistake, how does this happen?? We should all get together and demand compensation for damage to our intelligence!!!!

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