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Buncefield Fire Appeal

I recieved an e-mail, forwarded on from my parents who live fairly close to Hemel Hempstead, site of the explosion and fire at an oil depot that took place last week.

Having recieved the e-mail, they had actually spoken to one of the clergy who works in the area, who highlighted that although nobody was killed in the explosion, there are still some pretty major effects on the people in his Church. Particularly badly affected were some who were working on temporary contracts at some of the places destroyed by the explosion. Not surprisingly they have been laid off – not a great thing to happen in the run up to Christmas.

The text of the e-mail my parents forwarded is below:

Dear All
I would be most grateful if you felt able to promote this fund through your church and/or private contacts. Any donations that you were able to encourage would be very much appreciated to support a community in shock after the events of the last few days.

I would also be most grateful if you could pray for the people of Hemel Hempstead as they come to terms with the loss of homes and possessions, the loss of a number of businesses, and the shock of what happened and what might have been comes out over the next few days and weeks. But also please give thanks for the incredible work of the emergency services and the authorities involved, and also give thanks that there was no-one killed and the injuries were so slight – nothing short of a miracle really.
Thank you for your prayers and support.
God Bless

Dave Middlebrook
Vicar – St Barnabas Church, Adeyfield, Hemel Hempstead

Here are details of the fund. “The DCT Mayor’s Recovey Fund for Hemel Hempstead”.

We are happy for the donations to come from across the UK. So please distribute this to anyone you know. This money will go to our residents who are in need of financial help over Christmas and throughout the coming months.

Cheques to be sent to the Mayor’s Office, made payable to ” The DCT Mayor’s Recovery Fund” and the envelopes should have “Mayor’s Recovery Fund” on the front as well so that as envelopes come in addressed to the Mayor’s Office we will be able to channel them through to the agency dealing with the Appeal Fund.


Jane Hogg – Mayor of Dacorum

The Mayor’s Office
Civic Centre
Hemel Hempstead

Further details can be found on the Dacorum Council website.

The stunning picture comes from Flickr, and was taken by innkue.