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Jo and Cleo Out


So once again the voting went with the bookies – 48.4% to evict Jo, and 27.9% to evict Cleo. Jo was really no surprise anyway as the tabloids were campaigning to get her out – indeed if Danielle had been up, I have no doubt it would have been her and Jo to go instead. Having said that, Danielle did hear the crowd chanting ‘Get Jo Out’ – and I think is now even more frightened about what her reception will be. Certainly Danielle has received worse press than Jo in some respects, and also has the possibility that things may be over with her Teddy.

Interview wise, the pattern of the interview with Jo was similar to that with Jade last week, aside from a joke about her dressing gown at the beginning (some of the Times CBB Blog readers will be disappointed that she wasn’t evicted in the dressing gown…) – indeed the news footage sequence was identical to last week. Davina went through the key moments of controversy, and not surprisingly, Jo denied being a racist. She also said that showing an edited version of the arguments made it look worse than it was, to which Davina said that the production team had watched the everything at it wasn’t much better. The other interesting moment of the interview was when Jo justified her laughing as being her normal reaction to stressful situations, at which point she briefly laughed, and commented that she’d probably start laughing from the stress now. The brought a very swift and direct response from Davina of “I wouldn’tâ€?… To some extent, in the same way as with Jade I suspect the real grilling will come from one of the tabloid newspapers on Sunday.

Cleo didn’t escape criticism either, as in the same argument she didn’t intervene, but eventually went and got Jermaine to come and help. She justified this in her interview by saying that she felt that since Jermaine commanded respect from both sides of the argument she felt he was better to intervene. She also demonstrated at the end of her interview quite how impressions can be different in the outside world than within the house by suggesting that she thought Danielle and Jack would do well – which produced a pretty well instant reaction from the audience. Davina said that it would be interesting to see how she felt when she had seen the newspaper coverage, and also heard some of the comments that have been caught on camera. I’m quite sure that Danielle and Jack will be the first two out on Sunday, the only question being who will be out first.

As to who will actually win, the bookies are favouring Shilpa, mainly as a result of the earlier events in the house. However I’d not rule out the possibility of Jermaine coming out on top. Dirk has some supporters, and certainly he is entertaining at times, and does have a pretty dry sense of humour, however I’d really be surprised if it wasn’t either Shilpa or Jermaine at the end.

Finally, it looks like Channel 4 are riding high – the director of programmes has come out and said that the race row saved the show from being dull

All Over for Another Year


So last night Big Brother came to an end for another year. Davina McCall managed to make it through too, despite being due to give birth in three weeks.

Thanks to the Sky+ we probably saw a lot more of this series than in previous years, although like most people we were pretty sure from the first week that Pete was going to win.

There were significantly more housemates this year too, with a total of twenty-two appearing at some point. Interestingly only twenty of them actually appeared on the final show thanks to Sezer having been arrested on a rape charge, and Dawn having been ejected for breaking the rules and subsequently fallen out with the producers.

In some ways it got more entertaining in the final couple of weeks – whilst like many I wasn’t overly impressed with the idea of putting in returning housemates, it has to be said the problems Big Brother had keeping control once they’d done so was quite amusing. Despite the return of Nikki, the final week proved to be pretty enjoyable, with highlights being Pete’s private nightclub, and Glyn taking advantage of the Welsh speaking Big Brother to get Nikki to repeat something that didn’t quite match up with what she wanted to say.

I’m certainly of the opinion that there were rather too many twists this year, and definitely think that they maybe need to change things around a bit for next year.

Having said that, the final was good, with only really another cringing exit from the house by Nikki being a low spot – does anyone else think she seriously needs to see a psychiatrist? Having said that, the results were never really in much doubt, with Pete picking up over 61% of the final vote.

Certainly it will be interesting to see what happens to Pete now – although I’m sure we’ll see him and a few of the housemates around on TV for the next year or so – at least until the next lot of hopefuls enter the house in summer 2007 when it all starts again.