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What is it about Selling Houses?

What is about those selling new builds that breeds the unswerving ability to say things about their houses that are patently untrue?

We keep an eye on the local housing market, particularly the new building that has been going on, and recently a new development has been started in Finchampstead of four three bedroom and three four bedroom houses.

To some extent, having seen the prices (£275,000 for a mid-terrace three bed) we’d decided to pass, however just out of interest we stopped by to pick up the brochure after church this morning.

I won’t name the developer, but the write up, which includes a picture of the church (although the development is not in our parish) starts off like this:

Foxwood, located in the prestigious Nine Mile Ride area of Finchampstead, offers a rare opportunity to live in a brand new home in a semi-rural setting on the fringes of an area of outstanding natural beauty.

It then goes on to talk about the local area, highlighting the link with Henry VIII at the Ridges, and mentioning the Waitrose in Wokingham rather than the Tesco – can see who they are aiming this at can’t you!

Whilst there is the usual bending of the truth, the one part that left me open mouthed was the ‘semi-rural’ description. Whilst there are some semi-rural bits of Finchampstead, and of Nine Mile Ride, this isn’t one of them.

Take a look at the aerial view, or the interactive version on MultiMap and see what you think. The development is located with the four bedroom houses on Nine Mile Ride itself, and the three bedroom houses forming an extension to the right hand end of Bankside, roughly in the centre of the view.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they look like well specified nice houses, and it is a good area in which to live. However, whilst mentioning the Waitrose and not the Tesco can be put down to the normal sales method of highlighting things in the locality that fit with the profile of their target buyers, calling Nine Mile Ride ‘semi-rural’ is just plain untrue, and dishonest. Also, why do it? Anybody who turns up to see the properties will be able to see it’s not semi-rural, and it would be a challenge to find a local resident, or even a local estate agent who would say that it is. All that happens is potential buyers roll up and you’re initially getting off on the wrong foot by making overblown and inflated statements in your literature.