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Sick Cat Update

Last night I blogged about Sophie’s current bout of sickness. After the last update, she was sick twice more, and it got to the point that we phoned the emergency vet, who advised us that there was nothing really he could do, aside from what we were doing, aside from suggesting that we try to force her to drink using a syringe to ensure that she didn’t dehydrate.

We gave her some water, and Beth sat up with her for bit, until she seemed to have settled down. During the rest of the night, and all of today she hasn’t been sick, and even had something to eat, although about five minutes ago that came to an end as she was sick on the kitchen floor.

Anyway, late this afternoon the vet phoned with an explanation of her illness. The results of the repeat thyroid tests they had carried out had come back, and shown that rather than increased levels, she now had below normal levels – so the drug treatment had worked better than expected. She told us to immediately cut the dosage we were giving her, which will hopefully bring her levels back under control. Although as with bringing her levels down – it’s going to take a little bit of time before they get back on track – so we have a few more days yet of dashing to the kitchen with the cat every time she seems like she’s about to vomit.