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The 24 Cull Continues


As I expected from last week, Edgar was only the start of the body count in 24.

This week there were several additional casualties. Firstly, Lynn McGill, a new character this season, having inadvertently provided the terrorists with the means to get into CTU sacrifices himself to save everybody else, by exposing himself to the nerve gas in order to fix a problem with the ventilation system.

Also, although she doesn’t die, Kim Bauer is effectively written out when she declares that she doesn’t want anything further to do with her father, as people always died when he was around her. This is quickly followed by a big casualty, that in some ways left me feeling rather flat – Tony Almeida. Tony has been in the series right from the beginning, and has appeared in every season since. Here, having been threatening to shoot Christopher Henderson throughout the whole episode because he holds him responsible for the death of Michelle he then puts down the gun and decides to give him a lethal drug dose instead. As he is just about to administer the drugs, he again pauses, at which point Henderson wakes up and plunges the needle into Tony instead. To me it just seemed a bit of a let down as one of the longest lasting characters in the series is despatched in such a poor way, without any sort of heroic death – as I said, it just sort of left me flat.