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Can the Week One Strictly Results Predict the Final?

Watching the final Strictly It Takes Two last night I noticed something interesting. A look at the scoring chart confirmed that the scoring in week one, the week nobody was voted off, correctly predicted the semi-finalists. More than that it correctly predicts the final three, and the placing of fourth and fifth place to Scott Maslen and Gavin Henson.

The question is, will it correctly predict the placing of the final three tonight?

On the basis of the week one results either Matt Baker or Pamela Stephenson should win it as they tied for first place in week one, with Kara Tointon being placed third. This disagrees with the scoring over the rest of the series where Kara Tointon has consistently scored best followed by Pamela Stephenson and Matt Baker.

As to who we’d like to win, for once though we’d be happy for any of the final three to win, as they would all be worthy winners. Come back tomorrow and see if my prediction based on the week one scores will be correct!

Update: So the results last night were Kara Tointon first, Matt Baker second and Pamela Stephenson third. Interesting in that the judges scored Pamela Stephenson into first place, indeed we were surprised that Kara Tointon got through having noticeably messed up her rather over ambitious show dance.

Whilst Kara Tointon is most definitely the best dancer of the three, on the night she produced two out of four routines that had a rule break – illegal (but unintentional) lift in the Rumba and not enough dancing in hold in the American Smooth – and noticeable mistakes in the other two – losing timing in the show dance and footwork mistakes in the Waltz. We certainly thought that Pamela Stephenson deserved better than third place too.