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Affirming Liberalism

I’ve just spent the evening sorting out a website for a new venture being organised by Rev Richard, our Priest-in-Charge at St James’. Called Affirming Liberalism, the intention is to support people on the liberal wing of the Church of England, primarily in the Oxford Diocese, but certainly not limited to it.

The network is due to launch with a day long conference, being held at Trinity College Oxford on February 9th. The two keynote speakers will be Revd Canon Prof Keith Ward and Revd Canon Prof Martyn Percy.

The site itself is a bit bare bones, just the basic statement of the principles and a posting about the conference – hopefully as things start to come together, more content will be uploaded.

Bishop of Oxford Inauguration Video

The Diocese has posted edited highlights of the inauguration video online so people can get some idea of what went on. As a result of Oxford Diocese being one of the largest, but having one of the smallest cathedrals, there was very limited opportunity for people to attend the service, hence a video has been put together.

Unfortunately the video is not of exactly the best quality, with the sound levels way off, and some incredibly poor quality pictures at times. The main camera point is up adjacent to the organ (and to get an idea of how small the building is, the organ is over the main entrance), hence the music is loud, and other parts are barely audible. Other parts are filmed with hand held cameras, and in parts have serious colour problems too. The pictures here and here are a good deal better.

However you can get some idea of what went on though. Some random thoughts having watched it…

No sign of Ian’s processing in the video…

That’s the Bishop of Ebbsfleet, and he’s taking a part in the service too… There is a certain irony to that as a key part of the service is carried out by Rev Sheila Watson, who as Archdeacon of Canterbury represents the Archbishop of Canterbury during the enthronement, indeed the Bishops Chaplain for the new Bishop of Oxford during the service is a woman too…

Music wise the hymns are surprisingly modern – Be Still for the Presence of the Lord, I The Lord of Sea and Sky and The Servant King all featured – all of course played on the organ…

How Does the Oxford Diocese Describe Itself?

Knowing the time and effort that we at St James put into our parish profile a few years back, in trying to attract the kind of person we were looking for, I always find it interesting to look at the profiles produced by other local parishes when they are looking for a new priest. However today, the Oxford Diocese has released the equivalent document written for the recent search for a new Bishop of Oxford – certainly interesting reading, especially with regards to our contribution to the process last year.

Taizé 2007 Plans

After a slight bit of confusion (Beth has been deleting the e-mails on the basis that I was getting them as well – which I wasn’t) we’ve got hold of the details for the Oxford Diocese Pilgrimage to Taizé for 2007. Unfortunately the official trip won’t be there at the same time as us, as there was only one slot available at the cottage where we usually stay, but there is a couple of days overlap, so we might run in to some familiar faces during our visit! It looks like this years Diocesan Pilgrimage should be memorable though as alongside Sarah who has led the trips since Rev Sheila died a few years back, the new Bishop of Oxford, Rt Rev John Pritchard will be going along as well. Sarah has set up an Oxford Taizé site with further information.