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New Blogger on the Block

So we’ve managed to recruit another blogger to the blogsphere – my Mum!

It came about because Mum had been asked by several members of their congregation for a recent sermon she had preached, and she was wondering how easy it was to upload the sermons to their Church website. Since their website is custom code, and is currently being developed elsewhere, having somewhere where she could quickly upload sermons on that site would be complicated, so we suggested that she try WordPress.com which Beth has been using quite successfully for her writing blog.

Anyway, Mum has set up her blog over at http://preacherwoman.wordpress.com, and has so far posted three of her recent sermons, two of which, Passionate Prayer and Prayer for Power were preached at The Beacon, part of Christ Church Chorleywood that meets in Arnett Hills School, and the third How we are Called which was preached at St Andrews Watford. She has always typed up her sermons on the computer, so has a pretty large archive which hopefully she’ll post gradually alongside the new sermons she writes. Having said that, like most preachers she uses examples from her own life – so look out for some with embarrassing stories about me – unless I manage to filter them out first! :mrgreen: