Youth Group BBQ

We’ve just got back from the Youth Group end of year BBQ. Moreso than in previous years it was an evening of beginnings and endings. As in previous years the year 6’s (top year of junior school in old money) came along. In addition our new rector-to-be came along to meet all the youth group for the first time. But this year we had a goodbye as Louise, who has gone all the way through the Youth Group and helped us out as a leader during her gap year this year is going off around the world, and then to University in the autumn. As a thank you for all the work she has put in, and to remind her of her time with the youth group we gave her a present, a certificate that all the other youth group members signed, and Beth baked her a cake (which she is posting details of elsewhere).

As you can see, as with the Taizé BBQ last week we had fine weather before, fine weather afterwards, but whilst we were trying to BBQ, it bucketed down, hence the effort to put up the waterproof cover in double-quick time. (Apologies if Roland is reading this and wondering why he had to make do with an umbrella – we didn’t know about the waterproof, apparently two were bought after the last washout BBQ at the church!)

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. As always, if anyone wants full size copies, drop us an e-mail and we can get them printed out for you.

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  1. Dear Richard and Beth … it has been ages since I have been in touch … will call soon to explain what all has been happening. I was looking about your blog and attempting to get caught up with you both and found a link for property for sale in my beloved Nova Scotia … wondering what would have the two of you looking at real estate down home? Much love to you both … Meli xox

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