Cake Log One

This is mostly for Mom, but also for those people interested in cakes…

Mom – I tried to do the Pinata cake that I told you about this afternoon, but I obviously did something wrong with the chocolate shell, because it wouldn’t come out of the bowl! I think it had something to do with too much chocolate for the size of bowl and not enough oil inside the bowl to make it slip out easily. When I followed the instructions for putting a hot towel on the outside of the bowl to unstick it and make it slip free, all I succeeded in doing was melting the bottom of the chocolate shell and making it stick even more to the bowl than before! Anyway, here’s some pictures of the process. All that happened was I had to decorate teh cake that was going to be inside the shell, which ended up being rather nice anyway.

If you are wondering, the plate says ‘But I want to have my cake AND eat it’; a sentiment I have often… 🙂

And for some reason the pictures are in the wrong order. Obviously, no strawberries comes before some strawberries…

3 thoughts on “Cake Log One”

  1. Sorry Beth, I didn’t look at the log; Charlie pointed out to me there was a message for me. I’m sorry the pinata cake didn’t turn out, but it looks amazing and delicious. I hope Louise was suitably impressed! I’m making a birthday cake to take to the Bauer Reunion tomorrow for Unvcle Lorne. Knowing Lorne’s aversion to sweets I baked a blueberry bundt cake which has an orange glaze in place of icing. The middle is supposed to be filled with blueberries. I plan to use a mixture of berries as I was able to get some lovely raspberries and strawberries as well as blueberries. I actually baked two cakes, not knowing how many people will be at the party. I will serve berries on the side as well. Lorne says he wants the celebration low-key, so I told Doris we need someone to lead “Happy Birthday” in a bass key.
    We and Lorne and Kathy are the only members of the Martha family who will be there. Doris arranged for us to give Lorne a bank in the shape of a loon with 60 loonies in it. Should be fun. I plan to get balloons and maybe a few flowers.
    Must go and clean up the kitchen. The cakes turned out well (of course it was a new recipe!) but the kitchen is a mess.
    Talk to you soon!

  2. I think I got it out of one of the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks – it’s basically an ordinary cake, any flavour. Hollow out the top so you have a depression to put strawberries, etc in, and then the idea is to cover it with a chocolate shell that you break through to get to the cake underneath. I think the mistake I made was you need a thin metal bowl, very cold and greased well. Then, the shell should come out better when you heat the bowl with a hot towel, but as I was using a glass bowl it didn’t work AT ALL. Ended up with a gooey mess…

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