Yahoo! Support (or lack of it)

I’ve just had a nice e-mail from Yahoo! telling me that I have changed the password on my account, and that this is a courtesy e-mail. It wouldn’t be quite so annoying, if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t change the password, and also that I couldn’t get into the account anyway because I got a similar e-mail back in April. After two attempts to get Yahoo Support to sort the problem out back then, all I got was automated replies, and eventually I gave up.

Thankfully I didn’t do anything important with the account, just some Yahoo Groups, and it is possible to redirect groups going to an identical e-mail address from another account which I duly did, so I grabbed the group subscriptions back that way. However the e-mail today implies that somebody is quite happily using the account, which still links back to my e-mail address, which is more than a bit frustrating.

The moral of the story seems to be not to use Yahoo for anything important. If I had I got any personal e-mail in their system, anybody could be reading it now, and I’d be getting the same total lack of support. And to think that these are the same people who are partnered with BT to sell ADSL services!

I posted a comment about my Yahoo Experience, and guess what, another stupid automated reply! Are there any real people at Yahoo?

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