New Toys

Ok, I decided yesterday that the Mac really needs an upgrade, although I have to say, not really because of any problem with the computer itself as to be honest I’ve not got a problem with it, but because of this….

This is the new iMac, which unlike the eMac we currently have is flat screen, has no noisy fan, and has a G5 processor… With the price of flat screens coming down it is much better priced than it’s predecessor, with even the middle of the range model coming in under £1000.

Unfortunately Beth has said that I’d have to get rid of two other computers before she’ll agree to have one – which is a bit of a problem as with Beth being a teacher she can get a nice discount from the Apple education store.

Anyway, you can read more about the new Mac at David Chait’s site.

Cheques made out to the ‘Richard wants a new iMac’ fund gratefully recieved!

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