The Problem With Rain

Well the windscreen guy has just been and gone. As the weather is so poor today – varying between heavy rain and mild drizzle, and there is nowhere under cover that I can put the car at the office, he can’t do the windscreen here. (Note the clear blue sky in the picture of the crack I took yesterday!)

The only option he could offer is to take the car down to their depot, which is in Portsmouth, but as everybody else will be doing that as well, he can’t say when it will be done. Even once it is complete, it will take several hours before the car can be moved to allow the windscreen sealant to dry. He has offered to rebook it for next week, when hopefully it won’t be raining, and he has also said that they will talk to Reading depot and see if it can be booked in there tomorrow. Of course although it would be tight, the other option might be to put the car into the garage at home and they could do the work there.

He did say that the windscreen was perfectly safe, as the problem is not with the glass. Although there is a small hole in the glass near the edge, the crack is not in either of the glass layers in the laminate, it is in the inner layer of plastic, so no danger of the windscreen falling out!

Oddly enough, it was also the same guy who came out earlier in the year, hence when he called, he’d already found the car in the car park, recognising it from last time! First thing he said when I came out was “You’re not having much luck with windscreens are you!”

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