A Bit of Retro Gaming

I’ve been playing about with a couple of new bits of software, that are actually based on something rather older – Open TTD which is an open source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, and Oolite which is a space trading simultation that is an almost direct clone of Elite but runs under MacOS X. Oolite comes complete, but Open TTD requires an original copy for some of the data files, so I dusted off my Windows copy, and copied the files onto the Mac.

Open TTD running on the Mac is really great, the essential game is the same, with the same simple graphics, however you can now run the game at something other than 800×600. Just as adictive as ever. Oolite is much the same game as Elite, but again with better graphics. Strange how games companies spend millions on producing the next big game, but I’m quite happily playing games that are more than a decade old!

However it does pass the time whilst the PC is backing up copies of our DVD’s that Beth uses at school. Yet again, one of our DVD’s has been nicked, probably by the same minority of kids that took mouse balls out of the mice whilst I was working at the school. Anyway there are a couple of DVD utilities for both the Mac and the PC (the PC versions are freeware, so the PC is doing the work) that allow you to backup your DVD’s, so rather than run the risk of loosing any more, Beth is going to take the backup copies to school instead. Whilst the school has offered to pay for the most recent one to go walkies, I don’t really see why they should be subsidising stolen DVD’s either!

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