Star Wars Comes To DVD

True to their publicity, Amazon have managed to deliver the DVD release of the first Star Wars Trilogy to my desk by 9am on the morning it is released. Although I’ve already got the movies on VHS, it is in the original version, bought the first time they did a ‘last ever time on video’ release. When the special editions came out on VHS only, I always said I’d wait for the DVD release, and here it is!

Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI)

Can’t wait to see how the cleaned up print looks and sounds on the TV setup at home.

One thought on “Star Wars Comes To DVD”

  1. Apparently the box-set contains even more changes from the original prints. A top 5 changes is listed here, and an interview where Lucas defends his continual fiddling with our childhood memories and says that he’ll never release the unaltered films is here.

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