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I’ve spent part of my Saturday updating the software driving the WebLog. I got an e-mail midweek saying that a new version of WordPress had been released fixing a minor security issue that had been highlighted.

The upgrade is slightly complicated by a number of the plug-ins I have running on the site to handle things like the Amazon links and a couple of utilities to aid in adding pictures to posts which although they in the main fit into the WordPress plug-in architecture need modifications to a couple of the core files. Thankfully I only broke a couple of things in the upgrade, which were easily spotted and fixed.

I also took the opportunity to upgrade the versions of a couple of the plug-ins, and also to provide a link to Firefox, a cross-platform browser that I’ve used for a number of months alongside Safari, the browser that comes with the Mac. One of my main reasons for putting in the link is that it now includes ‘RSS’ support, so if you view a site like this, that offers an RSS feed, using the browser, it will allow you to link to the feed, and give you an up to date list of entries on the site.

For Windows users, it’s other big advantage is that it is considerably more secure than Internet Explorer, and according to many reviewers, now a significantly better browser!

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