Bowling with the Youth Group

As has become almost traditional, we started the term by taking the Youth Group bowling at the Hollywood Bowl at Bracknell. This time we took twenty-one young people, so barely fitted into the four lanes that we had booked.

Next time I suspect we’re going to have to book five lanes, as with the numbers of people on each lane it took longer than usual to get through.

All this bowling practice means that some of them are getting pretty good, with Steve getting fairly soundly beaten by Matt (although Steve blames the fact that the bouncy side-bars being up on his lane put him off). Nagio seems to be another of our star bowlers, scoring 123 without much of a problem. At one point she just bowled and didn’t even wait to see where it went, and went back to the jukebox behind the lane – she scored a strike with that shot! We also broke the record for how quickly we had to call out the lane engineer – within 5 minutes one of the young people (who shall remain nameless) managed to get a ball stuck between the side-bars and the edge of the lane.

Anyway, I’ve put some pictures below. Including two of the night bowling after about 8:30pm when they “turn the lights down and the music up”!!!

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