More Old Tracks from iTunes

Browsing through one or two iMixes on iTunes I came across a couple of tracks that I had forgotten about.

The first is Driven By You and could be described as a sort of Queen track, although it was released by Brian May alone on a solo album. Probably most famous for it’s use in a car commercial (can’t remember for who), not suprising given the words!

The other two are by Hue and Cry, who I know almost nothing about, aside from that they were a numericaly large band (9 people including a brass section) but I like the songs! Labour of Love is probably the better known, but I like Ordinary Angel as well, particularly the chorus:

‘Cause I’m an ordinary angel
Winning tiny victories
And though the ordinary angels fly
Their wings weigh heavily
I try to be a daily genius
There’s no idea beyond my reach
With all the angels and the geniuses
My company I’m gonna keep

2 thoughts on “More Old Tracks from iTunes”

  1. “Driven By You” was comissioned by the ad agency Ogilvy and Mather for a TV campaign for Ford in summer ’91. The adverts were so successful that it got a single release later that year.

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