So Where Do We Go From Here?

After the protests against a play by Sikhs, and the author going into hiding and of course the whole Springer storm that I have blogged about here, attention is starting to focus on where things go from here.

The Simon Barrow column this week is an excellent look at the whole issue of the relationship between religion and the rest of the country. Whilst the Guardian takes a different angle, considering how we resolve free speech with creating laws against religious intollerance.

There are a raft of questions covered by the two articles, which pose some interesting things to think about, whatever your background or religious persuasion.

  1. If we believe in free speech, how do we protect one group from another groups right to speak freely against them?
  2. Should one group receive preferential treatment, for example if we are a nominally Christian country, is it right that we protect Christianity from others, whilst protecting Christians right to criticise other religions?
  3. Should the public media, funded by all of us, reflect a broad range of opinions and beliefs at the risk of offending others, or should it instead try to keep a narrow range, avoiding any opinions or programmes that could offend one group or another?

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