Amazing What You Can Do With Photoshop

I got the following picture through the e-mail this morning, which seemed quite interesting:

RAND 1954 Computer

It looks like a clipping from an old paper, complete with caption, describing the picture as an example of a prototype of the home computer of 2004, produced by scientists of the RAND corporation. However all is not as it seems, the picture doesn’t look quite right, I’m not sure whether it is the slightly odd looking TV screen on the wall, or the fact that the paper on the teletype doesn’t appear to be correctly aligned underneath. But anyway, it got me suspicious, so I looked up RAND Computer 1954 on Google, and came across this article.

The article describes how the picture is actually an entry in a web site picture modification competition, and shows the original picture of an exhibit at the Smithsonian, and linking to the site with the competition.

So although it was another one of the many hoax e-mails that circulate, this one was actually pretty well done, and a good example of what you can do with something like Photoshop given the time.

One thought on “Amazing What You Can Do With Photoshop”

  1. This is a good illustration of what the Internet has done to the whole chain letter/urban myth phenomenon. Nigerian spam emails aside, a lot of what well-meaning people have forwarded on to me is in fact hear-say but they totally believe it and these myths just end up getting circulated without anyone bothering to check the authenticity first. Thank goodness for sites like Snopes and… Just lately I’ve received a few emails about the whole thing about Tommy Hilfiger appearing on the Oprah show and Oprah kicking him off her show for racist remarks and this episode never happened!–but how the heck do these half-truths become so embedded in our psyche and thus turn into (what seems like) indisputable fact?! There’s a University term paper in here somewhere….

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