Jesus – Meek and Mild? I like this better…

I was just flicking through the Church of England website, as I’d never really looked at it before, and found a link to a site called rejesus, which is an explaoration of Christianity and why we believe what we do. It’s been set up as a site for ‘beginners’, I think, but just on a quick glance it seems to have some great stuff. I found this image there – sums up what Jesus was as opposed to the wishy-washy image that many people have of him. It was created as an advertisement to get people to come to church at Easter. Thanks Churches Advertising Network!

You also have to look at Chocolate Theology – Fabulous!

3 thoughts on “Jesus – Meek and Mild? I like this better…”

  1. The Rejesus site is remarkably heavy-handed in its censorship.

    They will happily delete any questions from non-believers that they cannot answer, as their motto is that censorship for Jesus is acceptable.

  2. I can’t really comment, as obviously any such posts would have been deleted. However from a browse through the forums there seems to be plenty of discussion.

    It is worth noting that they are very clear on their policies, from their statement of purpose:

    Its aim is to reach people who have little previous knowledge of Jesus or the Christian faith and to encourage a step or two of faith.

    as one of their moderators says:

    Are you here to tell people what you believe rather than ask questions?

    It seems to me that they are aiming at non-Christians wanting to become Christian, for people unclear about their beliefs, and enforcing their policy towards anybody, including Christians (see the final post of the above linked thread), who they feel are only there to tell people what they believe.

    As an independent, privately owned website, separate from any Christian denomination, they are free to set their own policy.

  3. Hi everyone, whilst I was out in the web looking up stuff on Jesus humility and lack of wealth vs ‘bling’, I came across this site

    Having read the bit about reJesus deleting certain posts I was very concerned. Sure enough though, they’re ending posts – and ending opportunities !

    see :;f=2;t=000030

    It begins :
    “Just wondered what peoples explainations were to why christians arent out telling people about Jesus right now when there are still millions of people going to hell?”

    and ends :
    “I could be wrong but this seems to be the sort of discussion best held on a board for Christians. This isn’t a board for Christians so I’m closing it.”

    Whats wrong with them ? Talk about missing it !!!

    And, I’m not here to whinge, but they’re on some dodgy ground with their “revolution” poster.

    “But the posters don’t show baby Jesus gurgling in a crib, watched over by shepherds and kings in the cosiness of a stable. Instead they show him in eye-grabbing red, and the poster is like a call to revolution…”

    Hmm … no, people, Jesus was’nt a communist ! and that sort of wrong and desperate “cant be bothered” / “be controversial” poster just isn’t going to work!

    Glad it did’nt appear at my church !

    What’s next ? No, lets not go there !

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