How Many DIY Stores does it Take to Stock a Lightbulb?

Beth picked up a nice uplighter and reading lamp from a clearance sale at Homebase last year. All was going well until the halogen bulb in the uplighter blew, so she went back to the small store in Camberley to buy a replacement bulb, to be told that they no longer stocked the bulb as there was no call for it. It is worth noting at this point that they were still selling the same uplighters…


Anyway, I tried to find the bulb today in various of the bigger stores in Reading. The Reading branch of Homebase also don’t stock the bulb, nor do B & Q, the self proclaimed largest lighting retailer in the UK. I even tried a couple of electrical stores, and finished off a Tesco. All of them had either the right sized bulb – 117mm linear halogens – but in the wrong wattage, or the right bulb electrically – 240v 150w – but in 78mm. In the end I gave up and came home, and ended up paying more in postage than the cost of the bulb to buy one from an internet retailer!

Incidentally, if anyone knows somewhere that stocks 117mm 150w 240v linear halogen bulbs in the Reading area, can they let me know!

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